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best nebulizer for toddlers

The Best Nebulizer for Toddlers and Babies

It’s never fun to have a sick child, and it’s even more difficult when they have respiratory ailments. TruNeb™ can help with our portable nebulizer machine for toddlers. As a parent, it’s natural to want to do everything possible to ease your child’s discomfort and pain, and your little one has a cough or wheezing can be almost frightening.

Common reasons young children and babies need nebulizers


A common respiratory illness seen in toddlers is croup, which is generally caused by a virus-like parainfluenza virus, adenovirus, or RSV. Croup is characterized by a very unique “barking” cough that is caused by swelling around the vocal cords. The virus is easily spread through droplets and is very common in kids five years old or under.

Reactive airway disease

Doctors frequently don’t diagnose children with asthma when they are toddlers, and so they are labeled with reactive airway disease. RAD has the same symptoms and signs as asthma, and it can be a one-time occurrence or recurring.


Respiratory Syncytial Virus (or RSV) is common among babies and toddlers. While it can be as mild as a simple cold, RSV can also be serious and cause breathing issues. RSV primarily affects the small airways deeper in the lungs.

Treatment for respiratory ailments in babies and toddlers 

Over the counter pain relievers

A doctor may prescribe an OTC pain relief medication such as ibuprofen or Tylenol to help with discomfort and fever. Do not administer any medication without first getting the green light from your child’s doctor.

Saline drops and suctioning

Especially in RSV, your child may develop excess mucus production which can contribute to difficulty breathing, notably in infants. Your doctor may recommend saline drops to thin and loosen nasal secretions, and you can use a suction bulb or other device to keep the nasal passages clear.

Nebulized medications

Your toddler’s pediatrician may also prescribe a nebulizer if he/she feels your child has symptoms like wheezing that would respond well to certain medications. A commonly nebulized medication is albuterol, which immediately relieves spasming of the airways (which is the culprit behind wheezing). There are endless choices here, so you’ll certainly want to find the best portable nebulizer machine for the job.

Types of nebulizers and medication delivery devices

So what’s the best portable nebulizer machine for toddlers? Keep reading to learn about a few different types of devices. 

Jet nebulizer

Perhaps the most recognized nebulizer is the traditional jet nebulizer. It works by hooking up tubing between the neb and an air compressor which then generates the aerosolization of the medication in the device. It is relatively loud and often not tolerated by young children who are not used to it.

Metered Dose Inhaler

Inhalers (also called MDI’s) are very common and favored due to their portability and ability to be used over and over before needing to be replaced. Unfortunately for babies and toddlers, MDI’s require some level of coordination to breathe in at the appropriate time during the administration of the medication. They aren’t a great solution for young kids or infants.

Mesh Nebulizers and Ultrasonic Nebulizers

These devices are much more tolerable to the younger population as they are quiet, fast, and easy to use. Mesh and ultrasonic nebulizers only require a power source, which is much more convenient than needing a compressor and tubing. They are notably much quieter than jet nebulizers, and less scary to babies and toddlers.

Why Is TruNeb™ the Best Nebulizer for Toddlers?

Our advanced Portable Mesh Nebulizer is not only convenient and portable but quick and quiet, making it a preferred choice for the young pediatric population. See why people are calling the TruNeb™ the best portable nebulizer machine for toddlers on the market. Visit our shop page to get a TruNeb™ portable mesh nebulizer for your child today.

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