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The Best Mesh Nebulizer Machine!

Our premium medical-grade portable mesh nebulizer machine uses advanced vibrating mesh technology to atomize liquid like saline and common breathing medications into fine particles. The TruNeb™ is a quiet and effective solution for the delivery of important medications to your lungs. Each portable nebulizer machine is backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee. The TruNeb™ is for both children and adults.


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Immediate Relief With Our Mesh Nebulizer

With the TruNeb™ portable nebulizer machine, you’ll feel instant relief, allowing your lungs to breathe easier. This is the best form of breathing treatment when you need it most.

Mesh Nebulizer With Mouthpiece

Mesh Nebulizer With Children Masks

Mesh Nebulizer With Adult Masks

Best Mesh Nebulizer Machine for Kids and Adults

The TruNeb™ mesh nebulizer machine works perfectly for infants, kids, and adults. You can choose between a mouthpiece or a mask. The best part is that mask comes in both children and adult sizes. This is what makes it truly one of a kind!


Mesh Nebulizer With Portable Design

We have the best portable nebulizer machine. Plus, you never have to charge it! It only requires batteries or a USB power cord in order to work.




No Charging Required

You never have to charge your portable nebulizer machine. It only requires either batteries or a USB power cord in order to work. We just recommend keeping the right batteries on hand in case it dies.

How Does the TruNeb™ Portable Nebulizer Work?

Step 1

Wash your hands. Then open the liquid cup on the top of the device and pour in your prescribed dose of medication or saline.

Step 2

Install the mask (with adaptor) or mouthpiece on the nebulizer.

Step 3

Press the power button to turn the device on.

Step 4

Breathe in the atomized mist until it’s finished. Be sure to keep a tight seal with the mask or mouthpiece.

Step 5

Power the device off when the medication is gone and the treatment is finished.

Step 6

Clean and disinfect it per the instructions below.

What's in the Box

24 hours off for portable nebulizer machine


Ships within 24 hours!

See What Others Are Saying About TruNeb™

Richard A. Guarino
“I’m so glad I got this portable nebulizer for asthma. After using a jet one for so long, I’m finding that this one is so much easier to use. I travel a lot for my job which only exacerbates my asthma, and having the TruNeb on hand has been so relieving.”
TruNeb Portable Nebulizer Machine in & near Lakeland, FL
Robert E. Overton
“So glad I bought this for my asthma. It’s given me relief from my symptoms and it’s especially helpful when I have a flare up. It’s just as easy as using my inhaler but it works better.”
John J. Lopez
“I love how quiet this machine is! All the other nebulizers I’ve used for my asthma have been so noisy. This one is quiet enough that I can use it in public without feeling embarrassed.”
TruNeb Portable Nebulizer Machine in & near Lakeland, FL
Marisa H. Wansley
“This portable nebulizer is amazing! I always hated having to set up my traditional one with all the tubing and everything. It was a pain. This little thing is awesome, simply press the power button and you’re good to go!”
Gregory T. Hair
“This machine is amazing! I got it for my son’s asthma and it’s truly the best nebulizer that we’ve used. It’s small and quiet and he doesn’t even mind having to use it!”
TruNeb Portable Nebulizer Machine in & near Lakeland, FL
Sally D. Posey
“We unfortunately don’t have insurance and didn’t want to spend a couple hundred dollars on a regular nebulizer setup as it seemed outrageous. After doing a little searching, I found the TruNeb and was happy with the price and free shipping. So glad I found this ultrasonic nebulizer!”
Scott M. Wright
“This little device is the best nebulizer that I’ve ever used for my asthma. It’s affordable, easy to use and most importantly: it works. ”
TruNeb Portable Nebulizer Machine in & near Lakeland, FL
Linda M. Sanders
“I bought this for my poor 3 year-old that suffers from reactive airway disease. It’s hard to get him to sit through a regular nebulizer treatment as I’m sure he hates the sound. He loves this one! If you have young kids, this is the perfect solution.”

Frequently Asked Question For Truneb Pocket Nebulizer

You don’t need a prescription to purchase our portable nebulizer machine. However, you will need a prescription for the actual medication from your doctor.

The TruNeb™ uses vibrating mesh technology in which the liquid is drawn through 1,000 microscopic holes, producing a finely atomized mist. Ours is also a portable and pocket size nebulizer so you can take it anywhere you can take your inhaler!

It’s important to clean your portable nebulizer after each use. Follow these four steps to clean your it. To disinfect it, follow the directions below. 

  1. Remove the mouthpiece and any accessories.
  2. Add 6ml of distilled water to the medicine chamber.
  3. Run a full cycle through the nebulizer. 
  4. Shake out any remaining drops and allow it to air dry.


Disinfect your nebulizer by following the first four steps but add 2 to 3 drops of white vinegar and run a full cycle. After this solution is nebulized, run one more cycle of just distilled water. Wipe out the medicine cup with distilled water to ensure there is no vinegar residue left over.

Yes. If you’re not completely satisfied with your nebulizer, you can get your money back. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee for your device.

Only on our website, right on our shop page.

*See our FAQ page for more questions

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